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Nightly UFO Tours

Voted BEST 1 Day Experience in Sedona!


IF you only have one day in Sedona, or you are here for a week; you do not want to miss taking a unique incredibly transformative day tour, that you can take home with you forever; The Vortex energy of Sedona! Anita will teach you not only the science of the Vortex, but she will connect you Spiritually to the Vortex and teach you how to use Vortex energy to travel and connect to higher dimensional beings, known as Spirit Guides. The best night time experience you can have is going further into the Vortex where Anita GUARANTEES SIGHTINGS OF UFO’s. This is where you will MAKE CONTACT with the UFO. Bring your camera to get some paranormal photos.

"Anita Owens is a must see in Sedona. She's the real deal!"


Introducing Your Guide & Vacation Destination Adventurer; Anita Owens


"I'm skeptical when it comes to this stuff. I accompanied my wife on a reading and let me tell you....I was floored with the information that Anita was giving my wife! This was my first time doing this and it might not be the last. It was fun! Anita makes you feel comfortable."
Jose R. --Trip Adviser

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Begin your journey with a two-hour MEDITATION tour starting at the Amitaba Stupa, Sedona’s most spiritual vortex. We will take you through a guided meditation. Personal psychic readings by Anita Owens are available upon request. We have the largest crystal collection under $28. We also offer a paranormal video tour if you choose. After sunset we offer a visit to a virtual hot spot of UFO activity. We guarantee sightings of UFO’s, using special night vision goggles. Call now to experience the most incredibly transformative day of your life.




Come in and Shop at our UFO Store! Home of the largest crystal collection $28.00 and under. This is Sedona’s only Paranormal Gallery where you will see pictures of Alien’s ..Angels..ArchAngels..Fairies..Elves..UFO's…Higher Dimensional Beings, and so much more.

Or take the Paranormal Video tour and really expand your paradigm.
This tour will change the way you look at the world around you!
It is 1 hour and only $25.00 per person. This tour will give you a true understanding of the Paranormal and the help and healing that is around us all the time.


Each day of the week, Sedona UFO Vortex Tours offer various times to come out and explore paranormal activity in and around Sedona. These paranormal experiences are especially fluent in the vortexes of Sedona. You will be amazed at the sightings of fairies, elves, angels, archangels, aliens and stargates. Learn more about wormholes and of course UFO's. Your paradigm will be forever altered in a good way. Explore Sedona and tap into a vortex where you can visit a higher dimension.

The Ultimate Sedona Experience!

All tours 1 hour.

Master guides, angels and arch angels, always appear as beings of light. Most of the time, angels will have a very bright color around their being. Explore the angels and possibilities, when taking the paranormal video tour!