Sedona UFO & Vortex Tours

"Voted BEST 1 day experience in Sedona.

Let me show you the true POWER of SEDONA! Sedona is not a city it is a consciousness. The Vortex energy here is the most powerful any where on the planet. I will take you to the most miraculous healing vortex for a guided meditation to meet your Spirit Guides. Then to the biggest secret in Sedona the best vortex for manifesting your dreams. This is an area you can not get to on your own and a photographers dream come true.

Sedona NIGHTS are pure magic! Not only will you see a million more stars in our sky that you can not see with the naked eye. My UFO tour will forever change the way you think of the world around you. I GUARRANTEE SIGHTINGS! You will be using 3rd generation military night vision goggles that will ensure you will see all kinds of UFO activity both in the sky and landing on the mountains around Sedona.

This 1 day experience can truly be a game changer. Your consciousness will open to coming into more contact with your Star Family. Your third eye will continue to grow stronger everyday and all of your PSYCHIC ability will grow stronger everyday after being connected to the vortex you will always be connected. Sedona is a start to true lasting transformation and after seeing the UFO’s you will continue to see them even without the goggles….MAKE THIS PART OF YOUR SEDONA JOURNEY

Making the Amitabha Stupa

Here in the United States, there are so few places to expect the miraculous. The Amitabha Stupa is one such place…Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo


Group Rates

5 Or More Up To 20% Off

2 Hour Tour 10% 3 Hour Tour 20%



  • "I'm skeptical when it comes to this stuff. I accompanied my wife on a reading and let me tell you....I was floored with the information that Anita was giving my wife! This was my first time doing this and it might not be the last. It was fun! Anita makes you feel comfortable."
    Jose R. --Trip Adviser
  • My wife and I took the Anita Owens UFO Tour when we took our vacation in Sedona, Arizona. I had my doubts before this experience, but after seeing multiple UFO Orbs Lights traveling across the night sky and in the mountains, I am a believer. With her 3rd Generation Night Vision Goggles, they are easy to see, some people could actually see them with out the goggles. I would highly recommend this experience for everyone.
  • 5 stars is not enough to express how much we enjoyed Anita Owens! She came to our house to do a family psychic development class...taught us how to use automatic writing and helped us connect with our spirit guides and understand how to best use our intuition all from our comfortable living room. We did a vortex tour where I saw the most gorgeous view of Sedona EVER! During this tour we did a guided meditation on a vortex (that was on my bucket list) and finished the night with totally seeing UFOs. This whole experience was unbelievable-and unforgettable. Anita answered all of our questions and then some! She is like having a really cool sister who lives in Sedona! I'll be back FOR SURE! Also did the iridology (medical reading of my iris) and she knew me better than my doctor does! If u do nothing else in Sedona except spend part of your day with will have a fantastic time!!!

  • Ok, on some levels I am a bit of a skeptic when it comes to UFO's. Often I can come up with a 'Logical' explanation to what I see, but when I went out with Anita and her Hi-Tec Night Vision Goggles... well beyond seeing thousands of stars there were Way To Many other things flying around, up, down, there, then gone, then back again. Things up on mountain tops and ridge lines that I personally have hiked and know that there is nothing there but rocks and trees. A Fun Evening in Sedona were all things I guess are possible. Will definitely do it again.
  • "Voted BEST 1 day experience in Sedona. Vortex tour by day UFO night vision tour by night. Anita Owens will create a life changing vortex experience that will leave you forever connected to Sedona Vortex. Anita will take you and your group to Sedona most spiritual vortex where she will be taking you thru a guided meditation in which she will first be connecting all of your chakras to the vortex in which you will always be connected to Sedona Vortex and then she will teach you how to talk to Spirit Guides who are in higher dimension. By being connected to the vortex the energy of the vortex amplifies your ability to travel into higher dimensions which is where your Spirit Guides reside. Anita will the do a third eye opening and Guide you into how to astral travel into the higher dimension in which you will meet your Spirit Guides or even loved ones on the other side.
    Debbie S.
  • Anita is a gifted Psychic and Medical Intuitive. She came highly recommended by a friend. I so enjoyed the reading and would definitely call her again. She radiates wisdom and warmth and is a joy to be with. I was also so blessed and fortunate to have the opportunity to join her for her Vortex Meditation and Psychic Opening. I listen to the meditation often as she encourages people to record and continue working with your guides. She is a generous and joyful soul who wants to share this joy with everyone. I told a friend that day, prior to the Meditation, that I am not someone who is able to fully relax and get lost in mediation. Somehow, Anita’s meditation proved me wrong. I went deep and continue to enjoy the energy of the experience."  
    Taalya A.
     Temecula CA
  • Our family took the Vortex tour with Anita and are so happy we did.  It was way more of not only spiritual enlightening experience that opened us all up to our higher connections but now realize what we have been missing all this time and we all made the commitment to ourselves to continue the meditation that Anita took us thru even though we never really meditated she made it so easy and then we went to the 2nd vortex that is simply out of this world simply the most gorgeous area in all of Sedona that is not advertised anywhere or on any maps so we would of sadly have missed out not to mention Anita then taught us how to truly manifest why just affirmations do not work but how to really be the creator of our everyday life.  I am so excited to implement all we learned on this tour with Anita and teach my family and friends when we get home it really is easy but so powerful.  Our trip this time was truly transformational.  
    Sally and Ben
    Lexington KY
  • If you want to see several UFO’s in the night sky go with Sedona UFO and Vortex tours with Anita Owens.  I was totally amazed by the unexplained things that I saw!!  Hang out with Anita for an evening- she takes the unidentified out of UFO!!  We saw so many wild looking things that I can’t take my eyes off the night sky ever again…I do believe NOW  
    Jim B
    Naples FL
  • I have read plenty of books and spent many hours meditating on my path to developing some type of inner knowing and guidance.  After having spent a few hours in sedona with Anita Owens in her psychic development class Iwas able to clearly understand the concept of automatic writing and how Anita taught us how to map out and decipher my writings.  Anita is an AMAZING teacher.  Her ability to help you focus and step out of your “left brain” way of thinking sets you on a clear path to knowing, trusting and understanding.  This was the most fun and rewarding experience in terms of psychic ability I’ve EVER had!!! I answered some of my most pressing life questions by connecting with my inner self and got immediate answers throughout automatic writing.  If you do only one thing towards enlightenment this year….make it this class!!  You will not be sorry!
    Val C.
    Pittsburgh PA
  • I’ve been working with Anita over the phone for three months and was thrilled to see her in person while visiting Sedona for a Vortex Tour and health evaluation. On the medical intuitive side, Anita’s insights and recommendations have always been completely on-point. I have had big improvements in my health since I started working with her. I was blown away by how informative and 100% accurate the in-person health evaluation was, so cool. The vortex tour was a magical and spiritually uplifting, opening, and grounding experience. We went to see amazingly beautiful and powerful places that most tourists don’t know about. I’m excited to bring the meditation practice that I learned in to my daily life and know that it will help me to progress. Anita went above and beyond to customize the tour to my needs, answer questions, and make recommendations for the rest of my time in Sedona which was so appreciated. Highly recommend, it is truly life changing.

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Begin your journey with a two-hour MEDITATION tour starting at the Amitaba Stupa, Sedona’s most spiritual vortex. We will take you through a guided meditation. We also offer a paranormal video tour if you choose. After sunset we offer a visit to a virtual hot spot of UFO activity. We guarantee sightings of UFO’s, using special night vision goggles. Call now to experience the most incredibly transformative day of your life.




Where We Meet

All tours meet at Whyndam Resort 1500 Kestrel Circle…
past activities center you will see a lantern on the car to meet your tour guide