Daily consciousness exercise
December 16, 2017
Quantum leaps in evolution
December 16, 2017
Building a Sacred Relationship within requires that you Honor YOU


Hold  YOUR life as sacred
Look upon YOUR self with reverence
Choose wisely YOUR words and actions


Your body is a temple of the Divine


Your walk on this planet is for the I AM to express itself through The GOD presence is in YOUR every moment.


Release from fear in this moment.


Re-member with every cell of your being who you truly are.
Yet it is easy to get side tracked in the Ego Mind.
(EGO=Edging God Out)


The Ego mind is contaminated, from outside sources, with fears of every size and flavor.


The Ego mind wanders off into the future and gets stuck in the past.


The Ego mind has been programmed not to listen to the heart and soul.
The Ego mind instead tells us how we SHOULD feel and in the same breath plays tricks with our feelings. (don’t Should on yourself)


Communication and communion with the Heart and Soul is where integrity lies.


Be in your role as creator and accept all that you have created,


You have come to this time in your evolution to recognize that GOD is YOU, flowing through you and of you.


YOU are the DIVINE I AM.


The relationship you have with yourself will determine your next phase of evolution.


Where you go from here will be in sync and harmony with your view on yourself. Whatever that view may be.


Your next phase will mirror this view you have on yourself.


Honor yourself with gratitude, appreciation and celebration
Every element of the human journey is purposeful and holds great meaning.


Attention to all these details has significance toward your Spiritual Recovery.


Focus attention and energy toward all aspects of your your dimensional life
  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Psychological
  • Spiritual
  • Marriage
  • Family
  • Children
  • Personal Joy
  • Career or Financial Freedom
What will you do to build a Sacred Relationship with yourself in each of these areas?


How can you better serve your relationship with others.


Listen to the feedback objectively from your Heart and Soul and know that your this NOW is your best teacher.


Decide that NOW is your time for committing and connecting with YOUR enlightenment.

Are you worth 5 minutes a day of Loving and Accepting You?
10 minutes?
An hour?
Perhaps each and every moment.
YOU are Worth It


This process of truly loving yourself is the key to your Holy Grail Within and the birth into your next phase of evolution.



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