Doomed to Perfection
December 16, 2017

30 Days To A New Joyful You

It only takes 30 days of consistency and commitment to your joy and passion to truly make a difference in your life.  

Most people tend to get side tracked in their daily obligations and instant gratifications to the point that they are not finding the joy and fulfillment they are seeking.  

It can be a challenge to uncover one’s purpose and to find that passion that will keep one motivated. 

Please give insights we can all use in these times.

Anita’s Guides answer…

Now you are all living in a time of great change and a bit of fear always accompanies change.  

This is truly the time to call up to the surface your inner pioneer.  

Become a trail blazer through this time of needed change and you will become alive again!

Each person decided at the soul level to incarnate at this time on this planet for the specific experience that you find yourself in.  

You are all exactly in the position and with whatever resources you have for your life lesson.  

Take on your chosen lesson with enthusiasm and seek to grow and find yourself.  

Actually find your real self…..that part of you that is all passion and the never ending student of the universe.  

Reinvent yourself if you do not feel you are the person you want to be.  

If your world shows you anything, it is that overnight life can be different.  

Each person will have the opportunity to wake one day and experience life as they have never known.

What will you do with that opportunity is always your choice?  

Bare in mind that it is the choice you decided you would like to have at the soul level. 

Do not let being a physical being interrupt your spiritual journey.  

That one concept alone can elevate your spiritual progression light years ahead in just one incarnation.  The physical incarnation has so interrupted the spiritual evolution that you have been here longer than you originally counted on.  This is the very memory you hoped to recover with each incarnation but life just gets in the way. 

We can tell you this, and have always told you this, in each incarnation, it is just that you never heard us or tried to communicate with this your team in the spirit world.  

We are here for everyone on the physical journey and seek to counsel as much as you let us.  

When you come back to the spirit world the first question you will ask

  • DId I remember this time who I really am?  
  • Did I live my life with passion and clarity and enjoy my talents and skills with others?  
  • Did I live true to my spirit and not let the physical body distract me too much?  
  • Can I now move on to a life without limits?  

Better yet, can you now in your current life live a life without limits? 

The challenge with this message is to find your inner joy and share that with others.  

Look at how many distractions keep you from being the trail blazer that you can be.


Carve some time out of your day just for your spiritual growth…….that can mean anything from having some real laughter to silence for hearing your own higher self to just walking in woods.  

Simply put ….… Find YOU in your day.  

What are you doing for you and how will this satisfy the questions you will have when you enter back in to your true spirit form?  

Each incarnation gives you meaning and balance……find your balance and there you will find your joy.

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