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December 16, 2017
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December 17, 2017

There is so much happening to our planet at this time.

        • Revolutions are everywhere
        • Natural disasters are bigger than ever
        • Much suffering
        • Many states are simply broke which will cause many of our systems to break down.

What can we do to assist in this time of very intense transformation taking place?

(Anita’s Guides Reply)

As we watch the shift in consciousness that was foretold would happen, we hold the planet and all of mankind in our bodies of light and ask that you do the same.

Each and every day project love and kindness in all of your daily interactions with everyone you encounter.

IF each person would show compassion daily for each other then the tipping point will occur taking mankind towards their own bodies of light that awaits each person on the planet right now.

This is your opportunity to finally ascend into a higher dimension.

This will foster a more peaceful civilization.

One in which mankind will grow in a more loving environment that treats everyone as a equal. Where all resources are provided so that each soul will learn a higher more advanced form of science and how truly remarkable the human soul truly is.

Your potential has not yet even been understood let alone tapped into.

Mankind has been in a suspended state for far too longand the transition that is taking place on earth is also taking place in the hearts and the very soul of each person on the planet.

Your true abilities, which the higher dimensions will foster, is beginning to wake each sleeping soul up.

Planet Earth has agreed with each person residing on Her that She will assist in the personal transformation and the waking of each soul that you may all experience a true rebirth and take back your bodies of light that have been dimmed for so very long.

A few have for too long controlled via a program installed on the planet creating so much violence and suffering.

This will no longer be allowed.

We here in the higher dimensions have watched this go on but we knew there was a time in which this program would end and the time is NOW.

Your reawakening to your True Self is happening every day.

Sometimes in a subtle approach, other times as the high drama.

The planetary disasters and the suffering of the oppressed in many areas can decrease if each person takes a responsible role in simply holding a strong light of love and kindness toward the planet and Her residents.

We want to end this message by assuring you, that you are doomed to perfection and you will awake and remember your true nature.

You are made in the image of the ONE CREATOR and you too are creator gods, therefore creating the future of your planet and of mankind everyday in every little thing that you do.

Check in with yourself.

Ask often, in this Now, are you operating out of fear, greed, guilt or any other negative state of mind.

If so, love yourself and CHANGE NOW.

Each person has a role that has been designed and agreed to in this time of transformation.

You each promised you would come in and hold your share of the light.

How can you do that?

Be in your JOY.

The joy you create for yourself is the allowing of your inner light to burn strong enough for all the people around you to see and this sends a very subtle message of love to all.

Are you awake and aware of the transformation you asked to recieve?

You incarnated at this time to return to your light body that this 3D world has to offer at this time in your journey as a soul.

The more joy you hold in your daily life and the more joy you project to others will keep you in the path of growth and expansion.

Any negative emotions such as fear, greed and all the lower frequencies will lead you down a path away from the goal that you had set for yourself prior to incarnation.

  • Enjoy your life
  • Be of service in any way possible to others any time you see a need.
  • Send much love and light to the areas of experiencing trama
  • Keep your planet in your heart that She and all of mankind move thru this time with patience and comfort for all.

Enjoy the Journey.

It truly is a Wonder Full time to Be Here Now.

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