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When the doctors and all the testing, is not getting you any answers; and you are not getting any better; then it is time to call me. I will use my natural born Clairvoyant and Clairaudient abilities, to see into your body and find the root cause of what is happening in your body at this time. I have always been able to see and hear my Spirit Guides, as they help me to understand why something is happening inside of the body. When you decide to get a Medical Intuitive session with me, you will be given a clear understanding of exactly what and why, a health challenge is happening at this time.

Medical Intuitive & Psychic $148.00 (1 hour) $88.00 for 30 minutes

Where It Begins

When the call starts, I will ask you for all of your health symptoms and concerns, which are happening at this time. Your body will show me the imbalance which may be a totally different area than you would think. Sometimes doctors are looking at the obvious which is why so often the medical system is at a loss for answers. Often the symptoms are happening in an area that is not at the root cause of where the imbalance has started. This is what I call the domino effect. I will be able to see, the first domino to fall, causing a cascade effect in health challenges. I will give you the health evaluation as well as suggesting natural approaches and sometimes lifestyle changes to reclaim your health.

When In Person

I will do a complete health evaluation by using my Masters in the 7 sciences of Iridology and Sclerology. I use an advanced camera to take pictures of your eyes and then blow them up on the computer, to provide a complete health analysis. This tells us what is taking place now, which will often take one or more years, before symptoms present themselves. This is the best way to stay in the mode of prevention. By seeing the imbalance now, in the early stages, it is possible to stop it in its tracks and turn it around. I can also see how well or not, your internal aging process is going. I can teach you how to stop and slow way down, your internal aging process and the external will. Now you have the tools to show your power and take back your power to be in charge of your health. You deserve to know and be in charge of your health going forward. Using my Medical Intuitive Service, I will empower you with your health and help you to take your life and wellness into your hands.

Psychic Development Class

Class is offered everyday that I am available. It is two hours at $108.00 per person. Two person minimum for class. We are all naturally Telepathic…Clairvoyant..Clairaudient and Clairsentient. We have just forgotten about these abilities and there has been a suppression put on the collective consciousness in which we all exist inside this matrix about how powerful we are. We are Gods and it is time to take back our power and evolve together into the higher dimensions in which we are meant to be, once we get off the karmic cycle of the third dimension and release Earth Mother of the imprisonment She and Us have been in for thousands of years. I will be teaching you the language of Higher Dimensional Beings called Spirit Guides who are all around us everyday all day long 24/7. They never leave us and they are sending us messages all day long about whatever we are going thru in our life. We have just forgotten how to get these messages. I will teach you in all the ways they communicate with you. There are many ways they deliver their guidance and insight to you. Once you learn their language you will have with you everyday access to their wisdom and teachings, understanding the bigger picture. I will also teach you how to open your third eye and connecting with your natural psychic ability. We will be doing some intuitive development exercises that you can do everyday to build your confidence in your psychic ability for you and your ability to give others Psychic readings. I will give you many different intuitive exercises that you can continue to do just 30 minutes a day and after 30 days you will have all the confidence in your ability to get answers for yourself and others. The last part of the class I will be teaching you astral travel into higher dimensions to meet your Spirit Guides. I call this your non local reality. IT is a reality just not local to our current third dimension we are in. You will travel outside the third dimension to a higher reality and build your perfect house in your perfect location in which this is where you will travel everyday to meet your Spirit Guides to get guidance and insight on your path at this time. I will teach you how to to train your brain during the travel, in, to getting into the grey matter in your right brain which is where you manifest. I will teach you how to manifest anything instantly in your life. You will take back your power and become the CREATOR OF YOUR LIFE and become a master manifestor!!! Call NOW to reserve your space in class TODAY!!! (513) 680-8810

A Real Medical Intuitive

When a psychic is the real deal, they often will tell you beforehand not to tell them anything so that it does not cloud their judgment. Anita Owens is a highly regarded legitimate psychic, who truly uses her gifts to help you with your current and future medical and personal situation. She is the ideal psychic adviser, that you can feel comfortable with and confident in her readings and predictions.
Medical Intuitive and Psychic is $148.00 1 hour $88.00 for 30 minutes

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