Building a Sacred Relationship
December 16, 2017
Doomed to Perfection
December 16, 2017
Anita NewsletterAnita asks of her guides to comment on the times at hand.

Their Reply……

Now is the time to go within and reflect back to your days of youth.

You had a mission when you chose to come into this time period on the planet.

For each of you it was different in many ways and similar in many ways as well.

Similar in a sense that as a Soul you all knew that the time you spent on the planet was for a higher purpose than that of one individual incarnation.

You chose as a group to come in at this time to help each other to REMEMBER.

By coming together as a collection of light beings to shake you out of the long sleep you have been in at a Soul level.

The planet has taken this time in all of creation to assist in the waking up process for the Souls on planet right now.

As you all can now truly communicate with each other via the internet and all the technology that the internet offers to talk with your family all over the planet.

You are no longer in the dark and this evolution of consciousness is yours for the taking.

REMEMBERING who you are as a Perfected Soul is very simple.

Just claim your power now and walk in your light.

Help all those around you to regain strength and trust that they are all here for the biggest mission of any incarnation prior to this one.

This is what your Soul has been waiting for.

Each day brings opportunity for your light to continue to shine brighter, waking so many Souls around you to this cellular memory.

You are a huge family that have been traveling through the karmic cycle together for eons of time and now your dues have been paid.

The truth is your doomed to perfection…..your mission now is to help all those you know in on this forgotten secret.

Think for at least some part of your day about the consciousness of the planet that you call home.

She is on the same path as you and your consideration as to taking emotional resoponsibility will help Her help you.


You are constantly emitting energy of some sort.

Consciously or unconsciously.

Loving, positive, uplifting, joyful and kind, or negative, critical, pessimistic, greedy and hateful.

Highly charged energy affecting you and all around.

Be it by thoughts, words, actions and even body language.

What you emit not only effects the people you come in contact with, it goes into the Collective Consciousness Pool and also gets soaked up by planet Earth.

With nearly 7 billion people contributing to the Energetic Pool anything can happen.

Now while there are most definitely those that emit Negative intent.

The vast majority of earths inhabitants just go with the collective flow.

This is exciting as even a small percentage Focusing Positive Loving Intent can change the Collective Pool.

Not only is the possible, this is the Grandest Experiment.

Think of earth as a spiritual lab project. You incarnated at this time to show that Love Can Turn Even The Most Chaotic of Times Around.

Imagine, if for only 5 minutes a day, the residents of Planet Earth taking their light, their love and their gratitude and beaming it out to every corner and every person what an impact that would make..

Eons of negative, hateful, greedy energy can quickly be recycled and mankind will wake to the perfected state he has forgotten so long ago.

Even if the people who see this writing would do that small deed everyday the impact is for more reaching than your wildest imagination can begin to understand.

This is truly why you each have chosen this time frame to incarnate, you promised to work together as one to make a difference for the whole.

You are nearly 7 billion Souls that are going to higher vibration.

Your journey growing in your true connection with the divine in yourself and the planet. During this journey you can begin to heal and restore Earth to her true beauty.

This is a time of quantum leaps in evolution and taking your soul off the karmic cycle so that true divine connection shall return.

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