Your Sedona UFO and Vortex tour guide is Anita Owens. Anita operates the largest UFO tour company in the United States with 6 Military 3rd Generation night vision goggles.

The group is always limited to 10 people which ensures that 2 people per goggle giving you plenty of time to be on the goggle so the 2 of you will experience the UFO at the time it is spotted by Anita.

If the group is under 10 then you may have a goggle all to your self for the 1 hour tour. Once the first group is sold out then a second tour will be available to reserve your space.

The UFO tour is simply the BEST SEDONA EXPERIENCE.

Not only will you see unexplained activity in the night sky such as flying objects changing direction and headed straight down toward the mountains.

The UFO’s will change size, brightness, they can instantly reduce their size to the point you can barely see them. Most of the time they simply come to a stop and simply disappear…see videos of them on this page where they disappear.

Suddenly at times they are a huge bright object the will just appear over us. Every night is different but will simply amaze you!!

You will Believe

Sedona is a certified dark sky city so in between looking at the UFO’s you will see a million more stars in the sky. You are going to see a sky you have never seen before…for those who love star gazing this will be a real treat seeing the sky with the magnification of the night vision goggles.

Anita will point out the planets or the galaxies that are in the sky at the time of year you are here. On a clear night which is most of the time in Sedona you will see the milky way.

Anita has been a contactee with her star families all of her life and you can read more about that at the blog Discloser is Sedona. Click here to visit Disclosure In Sedona

UFO Night Vision Tours Making CONTACT Nightly

Join Anita nightly seeing UFO’s that are all around in the HOTSPOT of Sedona. Anita will teach you the difference from airplanes and satellites in the sky and UFO’s. We will be using military 3rd Generation night vision goggles. Not only will you be seeing UFO’s all around us landing on the ground or on top of the mountains in the canyons of Sedona. You will also be amazed at the millions of stars you can see with the goggles that you can not see with the bare eye. Sedona is a certified dark sky city so will see stars that will amaze you.

When in Sedona to explore a UFO sighting, the most notable paranormal beliefs include those that pertain to ghosts, extraterrestrial life, unidentified flying objects, psychic abilities or extrasensory perception, and cryptids. Gain knowledge with Sedona UFO and Vortex Tours!

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Both secular and spiritual believers describe UFOs as having abilities beyond what are considered possible according to known aerodynamic constraints and physical laws.


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Early in the history of UFO culture, believers divided themselves into two camps.

The first held a rather conservative view of the phenomena, interpreting them as unexplained occurrences that merited serious study. They began calling themselves "ufologists" in the 1950s and felt that logical analysis of sighting reports would validate the notion of extraterrestrial visitation. The second camp consisted of individuals who coupled ideas of extraterrestrial visitation with beliefs from existing quasi-religious movements. These individuals typically were enthusiasts of occultism and the paranormal. Many had backgrounds as active Theosophists, Spiritualists, or were followers of other esoteric doctrines. In contemporary times, many of these beliefs have coalesced into New Age spiritual movements. While parapsychologists look for quantitative evidence of the paranormal in laboratories, a great number of people immerse themselves in research through participant-observer approaches to the paranormal.